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  Zig Zag Brewery
  Brewery Lane
  LITHGOW  NSW  2790

  Tel: 02 6353 1677





The Old Zig Zag Brewery was first built around 1893 upon a well-known spring water source deep within a steep sandstone valley on the outskirts of the small Lithgow coalmining community.  Occupying almost 40 acres, it is situated within a stones-throw of the famous Zig Zag Railway built in the 1800's to haul coal up and out of the valley.

The Old Zig Zag Brewery became one of the largest and most famous breweries west of the Great Divide and was also known as Terry's Brewery.  It maintained its popularity until the late 1950's when the last brew was made.  Even in its early years the spring water was considered to be a crucial ingredient in the delicate art of brewing a fine ale and the brewery achieved further distinction in the 1950's when its stout won a world championship award in London.

The brewery went on to be used for soft drink production as the home of Dales Soft Drinks in the 60's and 70's and in a rather tired condition was finally purchased by the Schindler family in 1981 as a holiday retreat and weekender, with the spring water business commencing in 1991.
As the business grows more of the original buildings are being put to use for production and warehousing, rapidly escalating the rate of restoration of the site.  This restoration and re-utilisation of the site is not only important to the company's marketing strategy but the local Tourist Association plans to list the brewery on their tourist route. Already tours of the property are conducted almost every week for visitors from far and wide.

Soon this famous brewery will once again be making award-winning beers using pure spring water and regionally sourced grains.

Not only will you be able to enjoy our hand-crafted beers but you can actually come and stay at our brewery!  Yes, we have a beautiful cottage in the brewery grounds available for holiday rental.  Imagine telling your friends that you slept in a brewery for the weekend...  
Images and rates will soon be available on this website.



Zig Zag Brewery
Old Brewery

Early photographs of the original Zig Zag Brewery.


Brewery CottageCottage Lounge
The cottage in the brewery grounds is available for holiday rental.